Summer Tour

I have lovely memories of spending childhood summers at Aultbea in Scotland, near Gairloch. Aside from the ferocity of the midges, my brother’s broken collarbone (too much daredevil cycling) and my Dad’s obsession with climbing every munro in sight, I always loved holidays here. Deserted beaches, lots of wildlife and breathtaking scenery.  So it was great, now many years later, to return to the area and give a concert for West Coast Arts Society at Poolewe Village Hall.

And a few days after the West Coast I was off to the South Coast, this time to St-Leonards-on Sea. Although distinctively warmer than Gairloch, it was still blowing a gale and shutting the car door still proved a challenge. I gave a coffee concert for Kino Teatr – an old reinvented cinema that has a wonderfully varied arts programme as well as an impressive Russian art gallery.  Look forward to returning here next year.

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