Harwich in June


We had so much fun at our concert on Saturday for Harwich Festival of the Arts.

A beautiful venue at St Nicholas’ Church and many thanks to the audience and the organisers for their kind hospitality.

If we have time after concerts, we always enjoy discovering the local area before heading home – especially gardens! – so we were really happy that after our concert in Harwich we had some time to go and visit the nearby Beth Chatto garden.

Beth Chatto was an award-winning plantswoman and lecturer. She began working on her garden in 1960 and transformed what had been a former wasteground for brambles and boggy ditches for an abundance of different plants that all thrive in different conditions. So, for example, although the gravel garden is never irrigated and has poor soil, it still has become renowned for a spectaular display of plants that all survive drought-tolerant conditions.

We really enjoyed being part of the Festival and look forward to coming back to Harwich sometime in the future.


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